Industrial Gearboxes

In general, the function of the gearbox is to transfer mechanical power from the electric motor to the consumer based on the torque and rotational speed required by the consumer. An industrial gearbox is a device that, in addition to transmitting power and converting torque, is also used to control power. Hence, industrial gearboxes in various devices are used for a wide range of purposes. These machines can reduce rotation rates to increase torque and speed. They can also be used to change the direction of rotation.

Industrial gearboxes in a variety of industries including cement, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, copper, steel, oil and gas and petrochemical, stone and tile or ceramic, as well as in smaller industrial items such as elevators, auxiliary levers, compressors, Extruders, coolers and conveyors, cranes, spools for carrying objects, or large industrial gears, large turbines, etc. are used.

Apparatus Industrial Group is proud to build and provide the following types of gearboxes with different dimensions and specifications, as well as providing services related to torque calculations, based on the latest design methods and the highest quality in the manufacture of parts and assembly and the highest standard in gear hardening. And change the gear ratio, design and perform calculations and manufacture various types of common and special gears and offer their products to various industries such as steel and hot rolling, cement, etc.

Heavy and semi-heavy helical gearbox

Z series (inlet and outlet shaft in different directions), H series (inlet and outlet shaft in the same direction), Crown Wheel Pinion series (inlet and outlet shaft perpendicular to each other)

2-axial & 3-axial synchromesh gearboxes

different types of two-axle synchromesh gearboxes and three-axis synchromesh gearboxes that can be used in hot rolling and cold rolling industries for roughing and intermediate stands

One-piece synchromesh gearboxes

One-piece synchromesh gearbox with the ability to reduce speed, increase torque and multiple output shafts (two-axis or three-axis) and can be provided to hot rolling and cold rolling industries.

  • Gearbox shell made of steel or cast iron and fully machined (according to the customer’s order, it is possible to make a shell of steel sheet, which after finishing the forging steps, tensioning operations are performed in it.)
  • Gearbox gears made of MO40 that are inductively hardened to a depth of at least 50 mm. Depending on the type, power and torque transmitted on each shaft; Gear type, modulus, gear angle, etc. are calculated separately.
  • The shafts are made of fully machined VCN150 or CK45 steel, depending on the type, power and torque transmitted on each shaft; Material, cross section, etc. are calculated separately.
  • Shaft head couplings are made of forged and fully machined steel, the connection method of which can be made to the gearbox shaft based on the transmission power as a single spine, two spines, or a thousand spines.
  • Bearings are selected separately depending on the type of gearbox, power and transmission torque on each shaft, rotational speed, etc. Spherical type bearings are usually used for shafts with lower rotational speed and higher transmission torque, and taper type bearings for shafts with higher rotational speed and lower transmission torque.
  • Bearing cap made of all machined steel.

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